Appointment Instructions

Thank you for selecting our office for your endodontic care. We look forward to treating you, and making your visit with our office pleasant and positive. Please review the following information and guidelines in preparation for your visit.

• Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out new forms or review previous forms.
• The main entrance to One Central Plaza is located on Security Lane. The doors are between 2 large American Flags.
• Parking is available on Security Lane and in One Central Plaza.
• All patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
• Bring your referral note and x-ray pictures from your referring doctor.  
• Bring a complete list of your medications.
• Have breakfast or lunch as usual.
• Do not medicate with an analgesic, anti-inflammatory drug or any medication which may alter the outcome of our diagnostic examination. 
• Your root canal treatment or surgery will typically require 1 or 2 appointments. On a rare occasion, we may need additional visits. This will be determined by the complexity of the tooth anatomy and level of presenting infection. Appointments are usually 60-90 minutes.
• If you have an artificial joint or mitral valve prolapse, consult your physician about antibiotic premedication. 
• We reserve 90 minutes for your treatment appointment. Please do not schedule other appointments or meetings during this time. We do not want to rush. 

Please call our office if you have any questions.  


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I absolutely loved the staff and Dr. Hsu, he was very informative through my whole procedure and he took the time to walk me through before, during and after the Root canal. I was very scared since this was my 2nd root canal and the 1st one was HORRIBLE experience. I definitely will be recommending him everywhere I go. The office is clean, small and very welcoming. The classical music that plays made me very calm and prepared. I also noticed he only schedules 1 patient at a time, at least when I arrived someone left and when I finished someone arrived. This made it a lot better for me since all the attention was to me. Just perfect!

Solange findatopdoc

My first root canal. At 65. Yuk. My wonderful dentist referred me to Dr. Hsu. The experience was as good as it can get. Dr. Hsu went above and beyond in explaining every single detail and never for a moment hurried me. It was painless. I was confident that Dr. Hsu was thorough. His office staff were professional and helpful. The office itself is spotlessly clean and the procedure room has a floor to ceiling window with a beautiful view. All of these things matter to me.
I was in his office four times and each time I heard the patient before me praising and thanking Dr. Hsu, profusely. It wasn't long before I was one of them. I don't have insurance and I didn't check to see if his prices are competitive. It doesn't matter. Should I require additional work, I will happily return to Dr. Hsu.

Chili T. yelp

I have had multiple good experiences with Dr.Tony Hsu. He is a wonderful endodontist and a kind and caring person. He did a root canal on my lower molar in 2015 and since then I recommended him to friends and family. He did a root canal on my 96 year old aunt and she did very well. He is truly a painless and patient dentist. I have been to him twice regarding pain in my upper left quadrant. Once a few years ago and again this month. Both times examined me and tested the teeth in the area. After the thorough exam and looking at the r rays he concluded that it was probably not related to any teeth and more likely a result of inflamed sinuses or from clenching. He recommended I take Sudafed and have a dentist make me a night guard. He told me both times if the pain gets worse or lasts longer to call him. Both times he was right. I have an appointment now to have a night guard made.
I will conclude by saying Dr Hsu is not only very competent but also very knowledgeable and trustworthy. If I ever need another root canal there is no one I would trust as much as Dr Hsu.

Nan A Sheintal google

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