Office Technologies

Our office incorporates the most modern and advanced technologies pertinent to endodontics. These technologies offer enhanced diagnosis and quality of treatment. The following are many but not all of the technology we utilize in your treatment.


Digital technology dramatically reduces the amount of x-ray exposure a patient receives as compared to film radiography. A digital sensor captures the image of the tooth and its surrounding bone. That image is brought up on a computer screen in seconds. The larger scale of the image on a computer screen vastly improves the ability to diagnose and treat a root canal infection. The radiographs are stored digitally, and therefore can be accessed immediately and stored indefinitely without loss of diagnostic quality. By eliminating film, developer and chemical waste, digital radiography is a green technology and better for the environment.


A specialized operating microscope developed for endodontics is utilized on every root canal treatment we perform. The additional magnification and coaxial illumination allows us to work with great precision, and see small details that help us locate calcified canals and diagnose fractures. It is also utilized for all periapical surgeries we perform. The operating microscope is equipped with a camera which allows us to take digital photographs and videos if needed.


Using Electronic Medical Records, our practice is able to quickly and accurately access patient information and treatment notes. This also reduces the need for paper.



These handpieces are utilized for periapical surgery or locating calcified canals. The handpiece uses tip attachments which are often diamond coated, and are capable of removing extremely small amounts of tooth structure.


Headphones are available for patient use during their procedure. They can be used alone or attached to a MP3 device for music.



We offer Wi-Fi for our patients use. Please ask our staff for the password. And, if not in use, we have a conference room which may be available if a desk is needed.