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Wendy, Laura and Tony Hsu

Patient Reviews
I absolutely loved the staff and Dr. Hsu, he was very informative through my whole procedure and he took the time to walk me through before, during and after the Root canal. I was very scared since this was my 2nd root canal and the 1st one was HORRIBLE experience. I definitely will be recommending him everywhere I go. The office is clean, small and very welcoming. The classical music that plays made me very calm and prepared. I also noticed he only schedules 1 patient at a time, at least when I arrived someone left and when I finished someone arrived. This made it a lot better for me since all the attention was to me. Just perfect!


Even a retired dentist needs a root canal on occasion. This happened to be my first experience as an endodontic patient. The treatment was a complex upper molar with 4 canals. I was in pain when I arrived at Dr. Hsu's office. I was treated very professionally and I found the office to be extremely up to date and very welcoming. The root canal was done in 2 appointments, which was best treatment for an infected tooth. Both appointments, Dr. Hsu displayed great skill and caring. My pain diminished considerably and by the second appointment, I had no pain that night. I know how much goes into a procedure like that and the x-ray was something I appreciated more than the average patient. The experience at the office was very reassuring and positive.

Anthony L.

My first root canal. At 65. Yuk. My wonderful dentist referred me to Dr. Hsu. The experience was as good as it can get. Dr. Hsu went above and beyond in explaining every single detail and never for a moment hurried me. It was painless. I was confident that Dr. Hsu was thorough. His office staff were professional and helpful. The office itself is spotlessly clean and the procedure room has a floor to ceiling window with a beautiful view. All of these things matter to me.
I was in his office four times and each time I heard the patient before me praising and thanking Dr. Hsu, profusely. It wasn't long before I was one of them. I don't have insurance and I didn't check to see if his prices are competitive. It doesn't matter. Should I require additional work, I will happily return to Dr. Hsu.

Chili T.

Dr. Hsu is very patient, thorough, and has superb technique. He makes every effort to distinguish the tooth casing the pain vs. referred pain in other areas. Nobody looks forward to having a root canal but having had several by Dr. Hsu I can say with confidence that I have always been literally in the best of hands with him.

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This is the third time I have received care from Dr. Hsu and his very capable staff at Bethesda Endodontics. They are so kind, compassionate and skilled. I would highly recommend their office to anyone seeking excellent endodontic care.
They are conveniently located off of Rockville Pike in Bethesda and have ample parking.

Susan W.

Being a general dentist myself, I have referred my own patients to Dr. Tony Hsu because his work is truly exceptional and my patients always have good things to say about him and his staff. Last month, when I was having some pain on my molar tooth, I called him because I know that I can trust him and I also want a dentist who can give me a conservative and unbiased opinion regarding my own tooth pain. Surely, I was impressed! His office was very clean and organized and state of the art. He not only checked my tooth with his loops but he also looked through a microscope to check for possible fracture. He performed all the tests and was very thorough. He also discussed several treatment options with me. Dr. Tony Hsu is truly a professional and hopefully I will not need a root canal but if I do..he will be the one who I will choose. My tooth is pain free now and I am happy.

Pam C.

I have been involved with medical care (as a nurse) since 1965. I have never received such competent, professional, supportive care throughout the whole course of procedure/treatment. The office was also very clean and meticulously kept. Thank you so much.

Sylvia Lackey

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Hsu recently. He performed a root canal and I felt I was in excellent hands throughout. It was a painless experience and I appreciated Dr. Hsu's calm demeanor and his explanations of the various steps of the procedure as he was doing the root canal. In this COVID era he clearly followed all security guidelines and I felt very safe in his office. I would highly recommend him.

James Spinner

Root canal isn't one of life's pleasures, but Dr. Hsu made the experience as pleasant as possible. Beginning with the initial consultation to the completion of the process, he explained everything. The procedure was surprisingly painless. Dr. Hsu is very personable and I felt that his focus was on keeping me comfortable. Additionally, his staff is very pleasant. I endorse him without reservation.

Al B.

As I have been a recipient of many different dental procedures and in different locales during my lifetime, I feel qualified to comment. I can say with all honesty, Dr. Hsu and his staff made this a truly remarkable experience. From the moment I walked into the office, I felt welcomed. The entire procedure both before and after was explained with clarity and thoroughness. I was in an environment that was professional, capable, and caring. No question was silly. Best of all? I was actually smiling on my way out.

Ellen McGuire

I was at Dr. Hsu's office for my appointment when the director of the NIH came in for his root canal. I knew I was at the right place. Needless to say, my root canal was quick, painless and I just needed the 2 aleves they gave me at the conclusion. I highly recommend Dr. Hsu

Noah Schneider

Dr Hsu, is a wonderful doctor. I needed 2 root canals on 2 questionable teeth. I believe most other doctors are not as qualified as Dr Hsu is and would not have been able to save both teeth. I am extremely grateful for his skills. The office is spotless and relaxing and I actually miss seeing him, Wendy and Lauren. I would definitely recommend this practice - you will be in the best of care.

Marion Albergo

Dr. Hsu and his staff made my root canal experience, not scary at all! I was nervous at first, but Dr. Hsu took the time to explain everything to me and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. It was painless, his office is clean, his staff is warm and friendly, and his bedside manner is excellent. If I ever need another root canal, I will be returning to Dr. Hsu!

Jamie Young

Tony Hsu recently worked me in for a root canal with 1 hour notice. Tony is extremely detail oriented professional. Get this, I took a couple pain pills and no discomfort. I highly recommend him.

Pet Rescue

Dr. Hsu has superb chair-side skills and makes a root canal procedure almost a pleasant experience. He explains every step and made sure that I experienced very little discomfort. His assistant, Wendy, was kind and seemed to know what Dr. Hsu needed during the procedure. I can strongly recommend Dr. Hsu and would return to his practice in the future.


Dr. Hsu performed a root canal on one of my molars that was infected. I would recommend him to any person needing this procedure. His office is immaculate. He uses state of the art technology, including digital X-rays that allow you to see the images on a flat screen TV attached to the chair. He is extremely kind, caring and very thorough. I felt no pain after the novacaine took effect. The office staff is extremely thorough and caring. Every time I called with a question they knew me and showed true concern for healing. I would recommend Dr. Hsu to any person that needs this procedure. If I ever need another one, I will definitely be returning to Dr. Hsu.


I have had 2 root canals done now by Dr. Hsu, and find he and his office staff highly skilled, professional, and very kind. I had no pain with either of my root canals during the procedure, and afterwards, I also had no pain, and there were no complications. Dr. Hsu has my highest recommendation.


While I was sitting in the dental chair at Dr. Hsu's office this morning I kept mentally reminding myself to write this review!!!!

I have severe dental phobia and have had to be sedated for several large cavity treatments in the past (by Dr. Tilken in Rockville) which was wonderful however I was determined to not have to do that again and try the root canal without any meds. I'm glad I did!

I have zero tolerance for pain and I felt absolutely none at all EVER during the entire procedure.

Dr. Hsu and his staff are truly wonderul and I have no fears for my 2nd visit next week.


Professional practice, skilled care, friendly staff. Dr. Hsu made time to see me for a referral consultation on the same day that my regular dentist recommended him. Dr. Hsu's time estimates are spot-on: I was seen on-time every visit, and every procedure took pretty much exactly as much time as he told me to expect. Dr. Hsu explained the procedure in advance, we covered billing, what to expect, possible outcomes, and aftercare, and during the procedures he would let me know what was about to happen as we went along, e.g., that I would feel a vibration but that it would only last a few seconds, or that there would be a pressure but that I shouldn't turn my head in response to it. I appreciated Dr. Hsu's personal concern and the warmth of his staff.

Sean McCaney, Bethesda

Dr. Hsu is THE best. He is totally outstanding. He is kind, caring, gentle and virtually painless. His techniques and equipment are cutting edge, and he explains each step of the way. His office staff, both front desk and assisting, are similarly skilled and caring, and go out of their way to be helpful. I can not say enough about how excellent his technique is. Particularly for anyone with fear of dental procedures, especially root canals, this is the doctor to see. I wish he could train all endodontists in his techniques, but wouldn't want to lose him either! Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Hsu. He is totally awesome, just the best of the best.


Tony is top is the best and you can be assured that he will give you the finest care. Don't make the mistake I made and let your regular Dentist do a root canal. That choice led to years of pain. Ultimately, Tony found a lingering infection that another dentist could not see and my years of pain could be rectified. Sadly, if I had just had the original root canal with Dr. Hsu, I may have avoided the problems that followed.


Roses are red, violets are blue,
if you need a root canal Dr. Hsu is for you! Honestly, I received superb care, thorough explanations and clear instructions from Dr. Hsu. His staff was also very kind and helpful. If needed, I would return to his office.

Joan Donoghue

I was shaking with anxiety when I went for my first appointment for root canal with Dr. Hsu. But as soon as I met him he explained the whole procedure and made sure I understood the process. Dr Hsu has a very gentle touch. The only pain/discomfort I felt was the initial shots. After the procedure I was in absolutely no pain for a few days and then a little pain on the 3rd and 4th day. Nothing that 2 Tylenol couldn't take care of. I had no swelling or even tenderness afterward. I have had tooth cleanings that were more painful than this root canal. His office staff are very accommodating and sweet they even followed up with me the next day to check in.


Outstanding in every way I had pain in a tooth that already had had a root canal. He was able to find the problem and redo previous work. An endodontist's endodontist.

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Dr. Hsu is THE best. He provides outstanding care with minimal to no pain. He is kind, calm and uniquely sensitive and caring. His office is totally up to date technically and his skills are cutting edge. Anyone who has the least fear of dental procedures particularly root canals is in the very best of hands in terms of both technical skills and pain relief with Dr. Hsu. I can not recommend him highly enough and wish everyone could have such an outstanding endodontist.

Dr Oogle

Dr. Hsu is as good as it gets...when one's receiving a root canal that is. Who wants to go and have a root canal?! Well I had to and was dreading it. But as soon as I was put in the chair I was put at ease. He not only has a great view out his office window (as you sit in the chair) but he has a great staff! Super cheerful and very very kind.

When I met Dr. Hsu, we was so so nice and so gentle. He explained everything and went over my xrays with me. Very helpful. When he started the process he explained everything that he was going to do before he actually started doing it.

I never felt pain and he asked me every so often how I was doing. After my first part of the canal they hand you a nice, warm, lemon-scented towel, a water, Advil and follow-up with a call the next day to see how you are doing. Nothing was rushed and at one point I even fell asleep in my chair! I kid you not.

If you need a root canal, this doc is The Doc.

Christina R.

Dr. Hsu is the best. He is very kind and professional. Aside from the initial prick of the needle (which he does his best to minimize) you will feel no pain. He explains the entire procedure and lets you know whats going on along the way. His staff is wonderful, too. I have positional vertigo and cannot lay back completely flat, and he accommodates me. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Jeanie C.

Dr. Hsu is without question the most competent professional that I know. He has treated me on several occasions and has provided me not only the highest quality care, but also wit the best "bed side manner" that a patient could ask for. The quality of his service and care is excellent and his office staff and nurse are the finest that I have ever encountered anywhere."

Al Hinton

My 12 year old daughter had to have a root canal and they were so professional. She suffers from anxiety disorder and they couldn't have been better. They didn't rush anything and took the time to really help her relax with soft music and a calming environment as well as calming words of encouragement. They let me hold her hand the whole time. The office is very clean and has a very nice aesthetic. Dr. Hsu and his staff were so sweet and they did a great job. They made a not so great situation as good as it could be.

Dr Oogle

Highly recommend. I used to go to another very good endodontist in same area, He/She was very good, but Dr. Hsu is the BEST!

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Every aspect of my visit and treatment was EXCEPTIONAL. Your staff, Ivana and Sandy, were professional, attentive, and thorough. I wouldn't hesitate to not only recommend others to come here for patient care, but I wouldn't hesitate either!"

James T. Brown

Needing a root canal in a lower molar, my dentist referred me to Dr. Hsu. From previous experience, I knew that these molars are very difficult to anesthetize. When this tooth was originally filled, I endured most of the procedure without anesthesia even though several Novocain injections had been administered.

Dr. Hsu was careful, gentle, patient, and thorough. This particular root canal was quite tortuous and required two drilling sessions, but Dr. Hsu made sure I was anesthetized every step of the way of the way, reinjecting with anesthetic whenever I indicated that I felt a twinge. Through over two hours of drilling, I was never in pain. I have had root canals before done by other endodontists, but my experience with Dr. Hsu was by far the best. He clearly cares about his patients, as does the rest of his staff.

I don't want to have any more root canals, but if I need one, I certainly won't dread it. With Dr. Hsu and his staff, I know it will be a positive experience.

Barbara M.

Great experience. He has an excellent bedside manner and is very gentle. He also explained the procedure very well. He is a real professional and I highly recommend him.


Dr. Hsu, his assistant Wendy and his other team members provide superb dental care. They exceeded my expectations not only in the quality of care provided but also by their genuine patient concern and kindness. Dr. Hsu has excellent dental skills and his bedside manner is noteworthy for keeping the patient informed on every step of the procedure. I highly recommend him to those in need of endodontic care.

Ron P.

A very professional, pleasant, courteous environment. Dr. Hsu has tmpressive technical skills - the lightest hands from any dentist I have been to in several decades of my life. He makes the experience almost totally painless and the recovery remarkably fast. The office is furnished with the most modern equipment .The soothing environment, pleasant attitude and caring follow-ups make for a reassuring relationship. I wish I could find a general dentist with comparable skills and attitude.

Dr Oogle

What a courteous and professional office. Your relaxing and calming demeanor makes what could be a scary procedure not so scary. Dr. Hsu took so much time explaining the procedure and answering any questions. Everyone in the office was very friendly. I have already recommended your office to family and neighbors. Thank you!

Karen Molnar

Thought I needed a root canal, but I didn't Dr. Hsu waited and didn't do an unnecessary procedure. The pain eventually resolved itself on its own. Can rate him on anything more than the exam, but he did a good job of it.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you gave to me when I came in for my root canal. I know that this is a common procedure for you, but you took the time needed to make sure that I was comfortable with the entire process. I greatly appreciate the personal touch that everyone gave. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs an endodontist.

Heidi Allen

I visited Dr. Hsu for a root canal procedure. Based upon my very favorable experience, I can say that Dr. Hsu and his staff have overturned the popular opinion that root canals are something to be afraid of. It wasn't as bad as I expected...and in fact...it wasns't bad at all. Dr. Hsu is extremely personable, caring, competent and professional. His staff is superb. I can't say that I would look forward to having another procedures....but at least, I won't dread the experience...as long as Dr. Hsu is available to provide treatment!

Dr. Oogle

You have certainly achieved your goal of exceptional care and service in a warm and comfortable environment. Dr. Hsu and his staff are some of the most caring, competent and gentle medical professionals who ever treated me! If a root canal can be considered pleasant, this was!

Doris Kraemer

Dr. Hsu and his team are the best! They provide the perfect blend of professionalism and personal attention to help you feel as comfortable as possible. If I ever had another problem that needed the attention of an endodontist, I would be glad to be under Dr. Hsu's care.

Rachel Pentlarge

I found Dr. Hsu after having a bad experience with a different endondonist office. I searched the web for a reputable endondontist in Bethesda and his name came up with a great rating. His office was very clean and the staff was very helpful and professional. Dr. Hsu performed a root canal on my infected tooth which took 2 visits to complete. He was very calm and explained what he was doing through the process. It was painless and he kept checking on me to ensure I was doing fine. I highly recommend him!

Marcy B.

Dr. Hsu successfully performed a difficult root canal on a back molar. I recommend him highly.


Everyone in the office was so nice and professional. I received a call to say they were running a little late - could I come 30 min later? - Very thoughtful of my time! Always called the next day to make sure I was feeling OK! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Shirley Holland

Dr. Hsu, his assistant Wendy and his whole team provide superb dental care. They exceeded my expectations not only in the quality of care provided but also by their genuine patient concern and kindness. I highly recommend them to those in need of endodontic care.

Ron P., Bethesda

Exceptional doctor; has an ease in communicating with patient and does superb work.

consumers checkbook

A calm, spotless office; pleasant, professional staff; an experience with a root canal that could almost qualify as restful and relaxing - very impressive.

Ann Marie Moriarty

I truly mean the 5-star evaluation. In February 2023, Dr Hsu and his assistant, Wendy, recently completed a two-visit, root canal of my upper, right wisdom molar. It is in a very awkward location. I was extremely pleased with the results and hopefully I can hang on to my molar as a result of the root canal therapy. What first impressed me about Dr Hsu was the care and attention he used to inject the local anesthetic into my jaw and into the roof of the mouth; he really took his time. Meanwhile, his assistant, Wendy, did her utmost to comfort an obviously nervous patient!

Dr Hsu explained the process very well, answered my frequent questions and generally was very polite, understanding and accommodating.

I highly recommend Dr Hsu and his team, Wendy and Laura. I hope I don’t need another root canal, but if I do, I will go back to Dr Hsu.

Ahmed Ali

My experience with Dr. Hsu's office was exemplary in every way! Dr. Hsu and his staff are the epitome of a caring, professional, friendly, and extremely well-qualified endodontic practice. They leave no detail of patient care to chance superbly addressing dental issues while making the patient feel comfortable, at ease and special.

Andi Manchester

The whole experience was a very pleasurable surprise! This was my first root canal, and I was apprehensive. I need not have been - I almost fell asleep during the procedure! Many thanks.

Peter Mettam

Dr. Hsu is excellent and has been succesfull in treating my root canals, which are complex and challenging. He is careful and gentle-always informing about what to expect during the procedure.

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Most relaxing dental experience ever. Had a root canal and practically slept through it without anesthesia.

Charlene Sollott

Extremely professional, caring, calming and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Dr Oogle

Don't change anything! The staff is amazing - warm, professional, helpful - and the quality of care is far beyond and dental treatment I've had before! Thank you so much!

Sharon Blackborow

Performed a root canal through an existing crown.

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Needing a root canal in a lower molar, my dentist referred me to Dr. Hsu. From previous experience, I knew that these molars are very difficult to anesthetize. When this tooth was originally filled, I endured most of the procedure without anesthesia even though several Novocain injections had been administered. Dr. Hsu was careful, gentle, patient, and thorough. This particular root canal was quite tortuous and required two drilling sessions, but Dr. Hsu made sure I was anesthetized every step of the way of the way, reinjecting with anesthetic whenever I indicated that I felt a twinge. Through over two hours of drilling, I was never in pain. I have had root canals before done by other endodontists, but my experience with Dr. Hsu was by far the best. He clearly cares about his patients, as does the rest of his staff. I don't want to have any more root canals, but if I need one, I certainly won't dread it. With Dr. Hsu and his staff, I know it will be a positive experience.

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So gentle and caring.

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I liked the modern facility (digital x-ray, microscope, etc), thorough treatment, and the fact that Dr.Hsu returns calls. M.Straka PhD

Dr. Oogle